Университетский медицинский центр «Хадасса»


Иерусалим, Израиль

 Ariella Oppenheim, Ph.D.

Ariella Oppenheim, Ph.D.

Университетский медицинский центр «Хадасса»
Специальность Hematology
Языки Английский, Иврит
Год выпуска 1966 (53 лет после окончания учебного заведения)
О сайте In 1976-1977, she was a visiting scientist at the laboratory of Dr. Bob Martin at the National Institutes of Health's Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

She returned to the Virology Department of the Hebrew University, and in 1980-81 she was a visiting scientist at the National Cancer Institute in the laboratory of Prof. Max Gottesman.

Prof. Oppenheim has, and continues to, actively supervise a total of dozens of Hebrew University graduate students in studies of Genetics and Biotechnology. Her research projects include both clinical studies and basic science research.

Her clinical projects include the molecular diagnosis of thalassemia and other globin gene disorders.

Prof. Oppenheim's expertise in molecular biology and genetics served her well in establishing the National Laboratory for Thalassemia Diagnosis. This laboratory has made a significant contribution to health care in Israel by performing prenatal diagnosis (about 40 per year) for the severe hereditary anemia known as beta thalassemia.

Prof. Oppenheim has also made significant progress in establishing a gene therapy method which would be safe and clinically applicable, using a novel method which she invented, based on the virus SV40. Her reputation is such that a chair of Gene Therapy has been established in her honor.

In addition, Prof Oppenheim has performed fascinating studies of DNA extracted from archeological remains, which reveal many unexpected facts about the lives of ancient peoples living in this part of the world.

Prof. Oppenheim has made significant contributions to public health in Israel, as well as to the world of science and remains an invaluable member of the hematology department.
Образование She earned her PhD in 1966 from the University of Southern California, Davis.

She returned to Israel in 1966 where she became a researcher at the Hebrew University.
Участие в организациях Since 1982, she has been affiliated with the Hematology Department of Hadassah University Hospital, where she has received the appointment of Professor of Experimental Hematology.

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