Университетский медицинский центр «Хадасса»


Иерусалим, Израиль

 Colin Block BSc, MBBCh, PhD

Colin Block BSc, MBBCh, PhD

Университетский медицинский центр «Хадасса»
Специальность Clinical Microbiology
Языки Английский, Иврит
Год выпуска 1972 (47 лет после окончания учебного заведения)
О сайте Professor Colin Block heads the Clinical Microbiology Unit in the Department of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, the primary functions of which are to provide:

· The diagnostic Clinical Microbiology service of the Hadassah-Hebrew University medical centers.

· Specialist knowledge in support of the Infectious Diseases service, management of patients with special problems, hospital epidemiology and the prevention of infections, hygiene in the hospital, the development and pursuit of policies by management and support for purchasing and maintenance & construction divisions etc.

He began practicing Clinical Microbiology at Hadassah until joining the Army in December 1982.

His compulsory army service was spent in the area of public health and he took part in several major research projects in the field of gastroenteritis, especially bacillary dysentery. While at the Sheba Medical Centre, as director of the National Centre for Meningococci, he developed a research interest in meningococcal disease, which he still pursues, and established the national collection of meningococci isolated from patients. At the centre of his research activity since returning to Hadassah has been the topic of disinfection in terms of both the susceptibility of microorganisms and environmental disinfection.

Since taking responsibility for the Clinical Microbiology diagnostic service at Hadassah in 1994, he has overseen the introduction of new technologies particularly in the areas of blood cultures and tuberculosis and, in recent years, as part of the growing team of professionals in the Department, the introduction of molecular methods in the diagnosis of bacterial and other infections and in molecular epidemiology.

Along with colleagues from the department, Professor Block is deeply involved with the training of medical and dental students, and currently convenes the course.

He immigrated to Israel with his family in
Образование He completed his medical studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1972 and qualified as a specialist in medical microbiology in 1980.
Участие в организациях He has served on many national committees and councils both in the Ministry of Health and other agencies such as the Standards Institute of Israel. He has also held positions in Professional Societies and is currently on the editorial board of the journal Epidemiology and Infection.

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